Here you will find examples of several lesson plans I have created during my teacher internship in a World History II class. Please click the links to view lesson plans as a pdf.

The French Revolution- Inquiry Lesson plan Wnukowski.pdf
  • Students participate in an inquiry lesson that explores the causes of the French Revolution. Using primary and secondary documents, including reading and cartoons, students work together to discover what led to one of the most violent periods in political history.

The Enlightenment-socraticseminarwnukowski.pdf
  • A Socratic seminar is conducted in a gifted class to come to a communal understanding of Rousseau's Social Contract.

Should We Celebrate Columbus Day? -SAClessonplanwnukowski-1.pdf
  • A structured academic controversy lesson that explores the controversy surrounding Columbus Day while teaching students about early exploration and colonization of the New World.

The Age of Absolutism - Conceptlessonplanwnukowski2-1.pdf
  • A concept formation lesson in which students create their own meaning and understanding of absolutism.

Motives of Imperialism-Imperialismlessonplan.pdf
  • A primary document-based lesson focused on group analysis of European motives for engaging in Imperialism.